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It's a tiny wireless NFC chip that holds a Bitcoin private key (XPRV) and is designed to be embedded into physical works of art.

For Collectors

  • Prove you own a particular piece by signing a message using it's private key (just tap it).
  • Any one can tap and see verification status, making the art un-clonable.
  • Verifiable entropy, meaning you know 100% that no one but the SATSCHIP itself has the private key.

For Artists

  • Attach a Bitcoin private key to your works!
  • Verify with a tap of any mobile phone.
  • Tiny (30x30mm or 1 inch square), thin, and flexible! Also available as PVC card.
  • An image of your work can be uploaded here. After a tap, it will be shown, along with authorship and other meta data.
  • Open special options, all of which require physical ownership of the artwork.